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Hello, you've reached the voicemail of Adrian Veidt, teacher of History, World Civilizations, and Classics at Custodes Memorial High School. Given that voicemail is a well-established convenience of our modern society, I have every confidence that you know what to do at this juncture. If you're a student calling with questions about class or an assignment, rest assured I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you're a parent calling with concerns about your child's grades or the subject matter I cover in class, rest assured I will return your call after giving the matter all of the consideration it deserves. Otherwise...well. You know the drill, as they say.

[cheerful beep]
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...in that both seem to be made of cats.

Organic Chemistry Explained, with Cats

As someone who is not unfamiliar with both fields (yes, students, I do know something besides history and economics, wonder of wonders!) I can attest that this is, indeed, an apt comparison.  

Also apt is this comment:

"It also follows that, much like cats, molecules only expend energy to generate high-energy conformations just to reach other low-energy conformations. Also, molecules poop in a box."

I'll have to wrap up this post now, as my own molecule has arranged herself in a high-energy conformation that statistically indicates she is expecting me to provide further energy input, and is, correspondingly, vibrating at a high enough frequency to produce a somewhat irritating audio output.
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Greetings to all at Custodes Memorial,

I want to apologize, first of all, for the delay in updating all of you.  I realize that in the lack of any real information, rumors have been flying around my recent absence from school, and that many of you have expressed concern over the circumstances of said absence.  Thank you for that, and let me set the record straight.

I have, indeed, decided to take a leave of absence from teaching for the remainder of this semester.  That much is true.  I have not yet made any permanent plans as to whether to continue after the semester.

This was not a choice made for light reasons.  In brief: my dear friend and oldest acquaintance, Mr. Sam Hollis (who you may remember from his class visits), is dealing with some health issues at the moment.  All is well (indeed, better than expected) but given the circumstances, I do not feel I can afford to be in class full-time at the moment, and I worry about the constant disruption caused by my recurring absences.  Therefore I feel it is wiser to arrange for appropriate substitute teaching for my classes for the remaining few weeks of the term; indeed, I have already spoken to the administration about doing so.

(I realize this must be a far more mundane reason than many of you expected; sorry to disappoint!)

Those of you whom I was tutoring or advising, please rest assured that I will continue to be in contact.  As always, too, I will be available by email for anyone who wishes to chat (I look forward to catching up).

I do regret that I will be unable to see and interact with all of you on a daily basis.  I hope to have that opportunity again soon.


A. Veidt, Elder
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I was quite...pleased to find that the new online edition of Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine has a truly useful article on degaussing your cat.  I know all you other cat servants out there are constantly worrying about your cat generating its own magnetic fields, and this simple procedure should put your mind at ease.

Merytamun, fortunately, shows enough randomness in her chosen resting arrangements that I can be assured she is not overly aligned to the Earth's magnetic field.

She does, however, have the tendency to baffle science in other ways:

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Greetings, all,

Due to circumstances I'll have to take another absence from school for the next few days-- at least through Wednesday, and quite possibly longer than that. (If that appears to be the case, I'll make the necessary arrangements with the Cuss Memorial administration.)

I do apologize to all of you for the disruption.


A. Veidt, Elder
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Some of you may have seen this come up before, but Discovery has an interesting article on the Kevlar of Alexander of Macedon's day, linothorax, or laminated linen body armor. More specifically, some researchers at the University of Wisconsin have been engaging in a little "experimental archeology" in an attempt to replicate this armor and test its capabilities.

If any of you World Civvers want to do something like this for a hands-on project, I am more than amenable. If anyone has a bow and arrow, we can even do some of our own materials testing. It's been a while but I think I could still rain feathered death from the sky at fifty paces.
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Newly arrived in my inbox today was this notification for a student conference:


The Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies & Solidarity announces a student research conference on topics vital to human development to be held at the University of Notre Dame on February 11-12, 2011. This student-organized event is co-sponsored by the Center for Social Concerns at Notre Dame and SIT Study Abroad, a program of World Learning.

The conference is an opportunity to explore interdisciplinary, holistic approaches to improving livelihoods and advancing human dignity. As citizens of a globalized world, we have a responsibility to ensure that our actions will promote the common good.

All undergraduate and graduate students are invited to share their research experiences and discuss the current state of human development across a spectrum of topics.

I didn't attend the last one, but I heard good things about the presentations, and I might just be taking a trip out to Indiana *shudder* next February.  It strikes me that some of the students might enjoy tagging along; should we make a pilgrimage out of it?


Sep. 11th, 2010 05:56 am
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This is certainly an...interesting perspective.

Apparently Shelley's "Ozymandias" is, in the opinion of this blogger, THE MOST METAL POEM EVER WRITTEN.

...I have to admit, I can see where he's coming from. Not sure what that says about me.


...Okay, that cinches it.



Sep. 10th, 2010 11:00 pm
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I'm back in town.  It'll be business as usual on Monday, unless further events warrant.

I look forward to seeing everyone's shining faces and experiencing the blood-curdling screams and sheer mayhem sweetness and light that is business as usual at Cuss Memorial.


Adrian Veidt, Elder
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Greetings all,

I've had some matters come up outside of school that require my urgent attention.  I'll be out at least tomorrow, and possibly the rest of the week as well; we'll see what happens after that.

World Civ crew: you're working on your diary projects, so keep on.  The rest of you: I've filed lesson plans, so do what the substitute says.  I expect to hear reports of scintillating brilliance when I return.

If you need me, please get in touch-- you all have my contact info-- but I can't promise to be able to reply as quickly as I usually do.  My apologies for that.


A. Veidt (Elder)

UPDATE: Yes, I'll be out until Monday morning.  See you then.

Private to Adrian: If you need anything at all, call me; you're always at the top of the list

((Veidt's typist is back from traveling-- this is most definitely an in-universe event. Future developments will be posted, but don't hesitate to contact him as needed.))
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As you know from our framework of study in this course, we human beans have such interesting notions of how the human world and the divine world communicate.  I ask you now to sift back through your warm and fuzzy memories of this semester to the activity we did where each one of you was asked to select an interesting divination method and explain it to the class.

We spent an agreeable afternoon hearing all about myomancy, haruspicy, margaritomancy, and the ancient and dignified art of rumpology, which still makes me shake my head.

Thanks to recent events, though, it appears we can add cephalopodomancy to our list of techniques.  Witness the following:

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One of our enterprising journalism students asked if he could snap a photo or two of me for Cuss Memorial's own student newspaper, the New Frontiersman.  I just got the proofs in my inbox, and I'm very pleased with this one.

Merytamun is being her usual "helpful" self, as you can see.  [sigh]  I keep telling her that cat hair in tea does not constitute an acceptable source of fiber in the diet, although I appreciate her efforts on my behalf. 

Mr. Doug Roth, in the Journalism program, thank you again-- I shall treasure this, and I hope it was a good exercise for you!

((And all I have to say OOC is that [livejournal.com profile] phoq once again wins the Internet, OMFG.))
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 It appears that the winners of the 2010 Lyttle Lytton contest have been announced.  Once again, we may (in one fell swoop) both rejoice and weep over the glorious desecration of the written word.

I particularly like this one: 

"There was only one man salubrious enough to assuage my hunger for love — senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)."

Although if I ever, ever hear the phrase, "Great Caesar's Ghost, what marvelous lovemaking!" uttered in my classroom, I am sure there is not a court in this land who would hold me responsible for my actions.
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I came across this little gem the other day, and of course thought I should bring it to your attention.

...And now part of me wants to live in a world where this could actually be seen on TV.  I shudder to think what this says about my mental state.

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[It's late on the evening following this unfortunate incident when Veidt finally lets himself back into his apartment. He's been out for a few hours after school, taking care of a few necessities, and he doesn't expect to sleep for hours yet. There's too much that needs to be done.

Merytamun pads towards him, her normal mew of greeting tinged with a faintly disapproving tone at his late return, but he only bends to give her a scritch on the head before heading in the direction of his office. But as he passes through the living room, and the city lights shine in from the darkened windows, the events of the afternoon hit him with new clarity, and his knees almost buckle with the realization that this- the world he's made for himself, no matter how small- might come to an end, and all because of his own folly.

He's not sure how much longer it is when the world ceases to become a blur and he can sense something besides his own panicked breathing and the rush of blood in his ears, but there's a plaintive sound, and the sensation of something tickling his temple where he's landed facedown on the couch. It's his cat, once again, crouched beside him and making faint sounds of distress at her favorite human's behavior, and when he begins to stir, she cuddles close to him and actually starts licking his face.

Veidt may publicly lament his cat's remarkably doglike nature and lack of proper feline dignity, but at this moment, he wouldn't trade her for any other creature on the planet, and so he rolls over, cuddling her close to his chest (her meeps of dismay changing to contented purring).

He'll get up, soon, and keep working, but for now, the world is calm again.]
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I know it will please your dear little hearts that in a remarkable lapse of judgement I've scheduled the extracurricular activity we've talked about, for Saturday.

Cut for the sordid details. )
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