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Greetings to all at Custodes Memorial,

I want to apologize, first of all, for the delay in updating all of you.  I realize that in the lack of any real information, rumors have been flying around my recent absence from school, and that many of you have expressed concern over the circumstances of said absence.  Thank you for that, and let me set the record straight.

I have, indeed, decided to take a leave of absence from teaching for the remainder of this semester.  That much is true.  I have not yet made any permanent plans as to whether to continue after the semester.

This was not a choice made for light reasons.  In brief: my dear friend and oldest acquaintance, Mr. Sam Hollis (who you may remember from his class visits), is dealing with some health issues at the moment.  All is well (indeed, better than expected) but given the circumstances, I do not feel I can afford to be in class full-time at the moment, and I worry about the constant disruption caused by my recurring absences.  Therefore I feel it is wiser to arrange for appropriate substitute teaching for my classes for the remaining few weeks of the term; indeed, I have already spoken to the administration about doing so.

(I realize this must be a far more mundane reason than many of you expected; sorry to disappoint!)

Those of you whom I was tutoring or advising, please rest assured that I will continue to be in contact.  As always, too, I will be available by email for anyone who wishes to chat (I look forward to catching up).

I do regret that I will be unable to see and interact with all of you on a daily basis.  I hope to have that opportunity again soon.


A. Veidt, Elder
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I was quite...pleased to find that the new online edition of Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine has a truly useful article on degaussing your cat.  I know all you other cat servants out there are constantly worrying about your cat generating its own magnetic fields, and this simple procedure should put your mind at ease.

Merytamun, fortunately, shows enough randomness in her chosen resting arrangements that I can be assured she is not overly aligned to the Earth's magnetic field.

She does, however, have the tendency to baffle science in other ways:



Sep. 10th, 2010 11:00 pm
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I'm back in town.  It'll be business as usual on Monday, unless further events warrant.

I look forward to seeing everyone's shining faces and experiencing the blood-curdling screams and sheer mayhem sweetness and light that is business as usual at Cuss Memorial.


Adrian Veidt, Elder
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 It appears that the winners of the 2010 Lyttle Lytton contest have been announced.  Once again, we may (in one fell swoop) both rejoice and weep over the glorious desecration of the written word.

I particularly like this one: 

"There was only one man salubrious enough to assuage my hunger for love — senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)."

Although if I ever, ever hear the phrase, "Great Caesar's Ghost, what marvelous lovemaking!" uttered in my classroom, I am sure there is not a court in this land who would hold me responsible for my actions.
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I've had a couple of inquiries about whether or not we will be making our own contributions to the Festive Non-Denominational Winter Holiday Season by having a Saturnalia party this year. 'Tis the season to don our pilei, select appropriate gifts, and throw the existing social order into upheaval, after all.

Sadly, ever since the Mysterious Disappearing Toga Incident of 2007, Principal Nixon has been quite firm in his blanket ban (no pun intended) on celebrating this particular holiday. Short-sighted, I do agree, but the poor man develops an uncomfortable-looking twitch every time he sees me approaching, and I don't wish to exacerbate the situation further. We must all pick our battles, and so the hallways of Cuss High will not be resounding with joyful cries of "Io, Saturnalia!" this year, optimo dierum though it may be.

I'd be happy to speak with you about authentic Roman holiday traditions should you wish to organize your own celebration but please, let's be discreet, shall we? Perhaps we'll try again for Lupercalia...


Adrian Veidt (E.)


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