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Greetings, all,

Due to circumstances I'll have to take another absence from school for the next few days-- at least through Wednesday, and quite possibly longer than that. (If that appears to be the case, I'll make the necessary arrangements with the Cuss Memorial administration.)

I do apologize to all of you for the disruption.


A. Veidt, Elder
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Newly arrived in my inbox today was this notification for a student conference:


The Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies & Solidarity announces a student research conference on topics vital to human development to be held at the University of Notre Dame on February 11-12, 2011. This student-organized event is co-sponsored by the Center for Social Concerns at Notre Dame and SIT Study Abroad, a program of World Learning.

The conference is an opportunity to explore interdisciplinary, holistic approaches to improving livelihoods and advancing human dignity. As citizens of a globalized world, we have a responsibility to ensure that our actions will promote the common good.

All undergraduate and graduate students are invited to share their research experiences and discuss the current state of human development across a spectrum of topics.

I didn't attend the last one, but I heard good things about the presentations, and I might just be taking a trip out to Indiana *shudder* next February.  It strikes me that some of the students might enjoy tagging along; should we make a pilgrimage out of it?
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Greetings all,

I've had some matters come up outside of school that require my urgent attention.  I'll be out at least tomorrow, and possibly the rest of the week as well; we'll see what happens after that.

World Civ crew: you're working on your diary projects, so keep on.  The rest of you: I've filed lesson plans, so do what the substitute says.  I expect to hear reports of scintillating brilliance when I return.

If you need me, please get in touch-- you all have my contact info-- but I can't promise to be able to reply as quickly as I usually do.  My apologies for that.


A. Veidt (Elder)

UPDATE: Yes, I'll be out until Monday morning.  See you then.

Private to Adrian: If you need anything at all, call me; you're always at the top of the list

((Veidt's typist is back from traveling-- this is most definitely an in-universe event. Future developments will be posted, but don't hesitate to contact him as needed.))


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