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Character: Adrian Veidt

Teacher or student? Teacher


Cordial, engaging, and ridiculously organized, this Mr. Veidt is one of those teachers who students find both terrifyingly likeable and terrifyingly intimidating, usually at the same time. He teaches World Civ, European and World History, and various Classics courses, as needed (he's willing to sponsor independent studies in Latin, Greek and the like, subject to demand), and his classes are fairly popular even though it's common knowledge that you have to work your ass off for an "A" grade. He's a good deal older than his predecessor-- in his mid-sixties, in fact, although he still doesn't completely look his age.

Mr. Veidt is one of those older teachers who's at the point in his career that he pretty much does what he pleases, administrators and parents be damned, as long as he thinks it will have positive effects in the long run. This extends to sharing risque historical anecdotes, occasionally bouncing chalk and other small objects off the head of anyone who has the temerity to fall asleep or otherwise fail to pay attention in his classes, assigning bizarre hands-on projects, and threatening to use students as practice dummies for obscure martial arts (and, indeed, common wisdom has it that he actually knows all that stuff even though somehow no one has ever seen it demonstrated). If called on any of this, his response will be akin to Goode's "Suck my dick, I really don't give a fuck", although he would never put it in quite such bald terms (he'd be more likely to nod and make some oblique comment, probably in a dead language).

Personality-wise, he's somewhat of an enigma for both the students and the faculty: he's certainly pleasant to be around, but he doesn't volunteer information about himself and no one knows much about his past. (He'll drop random facts about places he's visited or small events that have happened to him, but that's it, as a general rule.) When it comes to the other faculty, he's amenable to being dragged out after work, but he doesn't initiate such gatherings; when it comes to students, on the other hand, there's very little he won't do for them (including listening and responding to requests for personal advice, but only when asked directly). He tends to toss around a lot of random quotations and allusions (trying to track them down, or return them, could easily become a game at school). Common wisdom among the students has it that he's got some mysterious and ridiculously dramatic past, like being a lion tamer (his affinity to cats has not gone unnoticed) or an assassin. If only they knew...


This is actually Adrian from Watchmen canon, albeit about twenty years after the main events. Teaching at Cuss Memorial is therefore a second career for him, and one that he chose for very deliberate reasons, although he'd be most likely to toss something off about "developing the potential of young minds" if asked about it. (Of his prior career, all he'll say is that he was "in management".)

I am assuming that this is a true AU in that Squidpocalypse/Big Blue Balls O'Doom never happened in the Cuss Memorial continuity, and that this Mr. Veidt therefore made a deliberate "jump sideways", for reasons known only to him, and that perhaps can be explored further. Therefore, he's not going to be thrown much by interacting with a younger version of himself. If people have other interpretations of the whole canon/AU thing we can absolutely talk about it.

Anything else:

Smart but casual dresser, and he (surprisingly) doesn't wear that much purple except for an occasional bit of jewelry. He has a sedately-decorated apartment with a metric fuckton of poetry and (of course) a cat. He also doesn't give the impression of being bitter or jaded about his teaching career, although this year's crop of students could well try even his fortitude...


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