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Life is a mask through which the universe expresses itself. We assume that all of humankind and its supportive life forms represent a natural community and that the fate of all life is at stake in the fate of the individual. Thus, when it comes to that ultimate self-examination, the amor fati, we stop playing god and revert to teaching. In the crunch, we select individuals and we set them as free as we're able.

- Leto II (Children of Dune, Frank Herbert)

This is the journal of Adrian Veidt, teacher of History, World Civ, and Classics at Custodes Memorial High School. (Check out cuss_memorial for more details.)

Feel free to leave a message on his voicemail.

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alexander, ancient civilizations, annoying cats, archaeology, cephalopodes, coming forth by day, copenhagen interpretation, cultural trends, doppelgangers, egyptian religion, global consciousness, herodotus, long-term thinking, macro-scale quantum tunneling, many-worlds hypothesis, microeconomics, poetry, psychology, rare books, rilke, shaping young minds, teaching, the long now, world history

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